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FridayFPV Drone League

2/20/2019 | David Jones

The FridayFPV Drone League

The FDL is an event that is aimed at growing the hobby of FPV into a full blown spectator sport. We want to organise events that will bring the best of this sport to new people in an exhilarating way. As well as creating a platform for South African’s pilots to compete against each other. The event is hosted by FridayFPV, one of South Africa’s top frame designers.  Here at FDL we have a group of passionate individuals that want to help make this sport reach the heights that it has overseas.


This is an all out racing event, where pilots compete against each other to see who is the fastest around the track. Each race event will have 2 classes:

Sports Class

Open Class

Beginner and Casual pilots

Intermediate to Advanced pilots

This will be limited to a 4 cell lipo.

4inch-6inch Prop

Overcharging is allowed if
you so choose.

No restrictions. You can use whatever setup you would like. Any Cell lipo or motor kv.

            4inch-6inch Prop

Overcharging is allowed if you so choose.

All races will run on vtx timing, and require SAMAA membership to enter.

25mw vtx power. (This will be checked at each race)

We will assign VTX channels to each competitor.

What are you competing for?

Prizes, trophies and bragging rights! But most importantly, as the FDL is a league, each event will earn you points towards the FDL league board.

There will be 3 Race events followed by 1 FDL Invitational event

FDL All STARS Invitation Race

This is the main event, where the top pilots from all the FDL league races come together and battle it out on the racetrack for the top spots, and the best prizes.

How do I get an invite to the FDL All stars event?

Each FDL event will award the pilot points depending on their position at the race day.











































After 3 FDL League Races the Top 12 Open class pilots on the Open leaderboard and the top 3 Sport pilots on the Sport leaderboard will get an invitation to the Invitational Event.

-Top 12 Open pilots 

-Top 3 Sport Pilots                         -5 Bonus competitors

 (see below)

-4 Wildcard                                                          

-24 pilots to compete

The All Stars Event will follow the same rules as the Open Class Events.

How do I qualify If I can't get to an FDL Race? (Bonus Invites)

We have alternative ways of getting into an FDL Invitational event. This will change for every Invitational event. So keep a look out for updates on this.

Where will FDL Events be held?

We at the FDL are constantly searching for new venues to hold our events. We aim to have multiple different venues and the events will rotate between all the venues we currently have agreements with. We have a strict process for choosing new venues. We only look for venues in Gauteng, that are fairly central, have good facilities, and will be comfortable for spectators to view the race day.

Event Judging

All FDL events will have large HD screens displaying each pilots video feed. This feed will be monitored by commentators and spectators.  If a pilot misses or does not do any obstacle as required, this will be picked up and penalties will be given. If any finals are to be run, judges will be assigned to each pilot.

Buddy System - Important

FDL events, will use what we would like to call the “buddy system”.  This is a way of helping our events move smoother and enable less down time, and more flying. Each competitor should nominate a friend (competitor or not) as a buddy. Your buddy is your helping hand and eyes throughout the day. A buddy will be required to do the following for the pilot:

  • Ensure that the pilots failsafe is working correctly. ( We will allocate 5 minutes to this at the start of the race day.)

  • Take the pilots main quad, and a back up to the starting line.

  • Communicate and confirm with the pilot that the quad arms and has video (We recommend hand signals =D)

  • If the quad does have any issues, the buddy will immediately remove or replace the problematic quad.

  • The Buddy will then stand behind his/her pilot. The buddy will confirm that the pilot is ready when asked by the race official.

  • The Buddys job is now to watch his/her pilot fly the track, please no goggles. The buddy is allowed to coach his/her pilot.

  • As soon as the race is stopped by the timing official, the Buddy will run and collect his pilots quad from wherever it crashed, or landed. This allows the pilot to concentrate more on racing and less on setup and retrieval.

Please note if you do not have a Buddy available, a friendly FridayFPV team pilot will be assigned to you for the day.

As a pilot, you are fully responsible for your own buddy, so please choose someone that you trust, and explain to them what you would like them to do.

Note: The only restriction we have on your buddy choice, is that they cannot be in the same race heat as you.

The FDL Copter Concourse Competition. (Optional)

Because we all know how much time and effort goes into building and theming our quads, we have decided to honor that with a Copter Concourse Competition at every race.

Each competitor is allowed to enter 1 of his quads (this quad has to be entered into the race as well) into the competition. We will look at things like, general neatness of the build, wiring, colors and theme, soldering ability, practicality and protection. The winner of the event will receive a prize for the best looking quad of the event.

How do I enter?

Head to the FridayFPV store, add a “FDL Event Ticket” ticket to your cart(link), fill in the necessary information, and checkout.  You will need to create a profile for yourself if you don’t already have one.

Refer a Rookie

If you have a friend that is keen on racing, but has never entered a racing event before. Select “Refer a Rookie” when purchasing your race day ticket and you will receive another pilot entry ticket for free. You can split this half way with your referred friend or take it for yourself. That's up to you.

What does my entry fee go towards?

A majority of your entry fee will go towards prizes for the event.

Both Open Class and Sport will receive prizes.

We will also have various spot prizes that will be awarded on a lucky draw basis.

The rest of your entry fee will go towards the hire of the event venue, as well as furthering the FDL, allowing us to purchase new types of obstacles and grow the league.

Do FDL events count towards National Standings for South African National team selection?

No, the FDL is not associated with FLyFPVSA and is a club level league.

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