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Lycan ULTX 5.1"

4/18/2019 | David Jones

Lycan V1.1 Sport Edition Update  01/10/2018

The JonyHavoc Edition of the Lycan frame has seen multiple victories, podiums and national race wins in both South Africa and Spain. This frame was designed specifically for two of our team pilots , Devon Barnett and Jonatan Sanchez Echevarria. With the ultimate goal of going as fast as possible and winning racers.

You can read up on the full story of how we developed Lycan, but ultimately what these two pilots were looking for was the unicorn, the absolutely lightest frame possible that still protected your camera and stack. 

The only problem with this frame is that I fell deeply, head over heels, in love with it. The moment I first flew it, I absolutely loved it. I loved how it corners, how aggressive it is on starts and accelerating, the disk-loading is spot on, you can fly in poor weather and strong winds with far less concern than what we could fly previously. Its simplistic nature and quick release arms made it great for quick field repairs between heats. Did I mention I loved how aggressive it was!

To be honest, this frame is far to fast and aggressive for me and my level of pilot skill, but none the less it scares the absolute S#%T out of me because of its accelerates and I just love how it flies.

The downside to this horrible combination of pilot skill (or lack thereof) and brutal acceleration is catastrophic impact inertia!

Breaking arms and frame parts is never fun, even though it is the cheapest part of the whole build. The biggest problem to broken frame parts is the risk you run of damaging your electronics stack, the really expensive part.

I refused to stop flying Lycan, so I came up with a plan!

I would leave the JonyHavok edition for the Pros like Dev and Jony, and build myself a Sport Spec Lycan which had the same amazing flight characteristics with a slightly beefed up arm and base chassis plate option. These parts are completely interchangeable with the JonyHavok edition, so they can be mixed and matched if you like, they are ever so slightly heavier with the added strength and crash hardiness I was looking for.

The Sport Spec arms are 0.55 grams heavier per arm, and the main chassis plate is 4.1 grams heavier. The Lycan Sport Edition is 6.3 grams heavier in total than the original JonyHavok Edition, but I think a really good result. We have diverged slightly from what we had originally set out to accomplish with the JonyHavok, the ultimate light-weight racer, but for a pilot like myself the weight doesn't concern me and I still love how it flies ever bit as much as the original JonyHavok.

As always, if you have any suggestions, comments of feedback, please get in contact with us. Email us directly at, 

Hope you guys enjoy!



Lycan V1.1 Upgrade 15/08/2018

Lycan now comes with a few more finishing details on the main base plate, including counter-bored holes for the 20x20mm micro stack bolts and chamfered edges in the battery strap area. 

The arms also see a small upgrade in the shape of a tapered profile running from root to tip. We have blended the bolt hole area out more, closest to the fuselage to prevent stress raisers as much as possible. 

For those guys who are weight conscious, don't stress! These new upgrades have not affected the weigh of the frame.  The JonyHavoc Edition with the Aluminium upgrade fastener pack still weights 55 grams including all the fasteners and carbon.

We would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, please mail us diectly at,

Hope you enjoy,


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