The Yeti Story

Yeti 5, 6 and 7"

4/18/2019 | David Jones

Yeti was designed for team pilot Joe Venter, AKA slojoefpv. Joe is an amazing pilot and his main focus is racing, but even now and then Joe likes to take a break from racing and just cruise!

Joe said to me he wanted something that was tough for racing and he wasn’t too concerned if it wasn’t the lightest racer out there, he actually enjoyed how a frame flew with a little extra weight.

This was cool for me, as we have been doing a bunch of prototyping lately, probably a year or so now, and almost entirely the focus has been weight.  Joe really enjoys creating content, YouTube and Instagram in particular, and he has mentioned a couple times he would like a frame for carrying an HD camera on scenic and long range missions. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine a tough, simple race frame with the flexibility and HD camera carrying capability of a freestyle frame.

Joe said he was looking for something with the strength and toughness of Taboo and the light-weight and simplicity of Apex. So, this is where we started, give it 4 individual arms, a tough and protective exterior which would protect your quadruple high stack in the centre and offer options for carrying extra equipment, sensors and a full HD camera if you wanted. 

We went back and forth a couple times and then I finally came up with an idea which I thought would work, not so! We busted up and destroyed about 4 prototypes before we even came close to what Joe was looking for. Another 3 or so prototypes were designed and tested each time tweaking and refining to get to the final production version of what we now know to be Yeti.

Joe has also been testing out some add-on extras for the frame, namely printable pods, fairings for racing and also some GoPro session mounts for long range and freestyle. When we have some more details available on these we will make them available on the store and put up the STL files so everyone can download and print their own files at home.

Yeti, is a blend between the raw brute strength of Taboo and the simplicity and light weight of Apex. As with Taboo, you can still drive a car over it, but it now comes with a 30% weight saving.

Yeti is a 215mm MTM, stretched-X design, weighing in at 85grams with the stainless steel fastener pack.

This frame features full 3mm thick front and rear side plates and a 3mm thick base plate, 4 individual arms are a 3 bolt pattern and 4mm thick.

This frame features a full 35mm internal cavity for protecting your quadruple electronics stack and space to fit either mini, micro or nano cameras.

Easy access to your stack by flipping the two top rails of the frame up.

Yeti is a really good all-round frame for racing, freestyle and long-range, Yeti is available in 3, 5, 6 and 7".

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