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Yeti 5, 6 and 7"

4/18/2019 | David Jones

Update 1/10/2018

The Yeti lineup is expanding once more!

We are pleased to introduce the Yeti 6" and Yeti 7", these frames have been specifically optimised for mid and long range exploring and cruising.

Again, team pilot SloJoe, took up the challenge of testing these out for us. I love it when Joe calls me up and says, "so I was thinking". This is always the start of some crazy and exciting journey which inevitably leads us down the FPV rabbit hole and into something we haven't yet tried, considered or figured out. I'm never really sure what to expect, but we are never disappointed and always have some cool stories to tell and a good couple laughs at the end of it.

With Joe's infectious enthusiasm and excitement for long range cruising, it wasn't long before Bryan (a.k.a. REDLDR) and Luke (FailSafeFPV) were also on-board for this project. Luke has done quite a bit of work on bigger heavy lifting quadcopters and filming rigs. Bryan was one of the OG 6" racers from back in the day, so he was naturally excited about running bigger props and motors and figuring out how to go further than we had ever been before. 

These guys wanted something for exploring and going further than the average 5" frame could. It had to be as light as possible but still give the space necessary for stacking components, GPS, camera for recording and all the other bits and pieces necessary for safely completing a long range mission.

Before we continue, the number one most critical factor which all long rangers ask me, is how much does it weigh?

The Yeti 6" comes in at 101grams and its bigger brother the Yeti 7" weighs 108grams. 

With that question out the way, lets speak about some of the other features we have introduced here.

We decided to use the Yeti fuselage for this project as it had loads of space and you can easily stack 4 boards into it, bonus!

What the guys were looking for was something for exploring and adventuring, seeing a beautiful location from above and getting to places you can't necessarily get to with a regular 5" frame. We compressed the planform of the frame to get the props out of view as much as possible and give it that smooth, buttery feel. You still get props in view at really low camera angles but that wasn't the focus for this frame. We kept the rest of the frame the same and upgraded the frame hardware to a stronger 12.9 steel bolt. This gives you more torque to tighten the frame up a little more with the extra long arms.     

You can also customise your long range Yeti for the equipment you have and the purpose you want it for with a full print range of parts available for free download or purchase here: 

Yeti Spares and Prints

Download all the long range specific Yeti prints on Thingiverse,, keyword fridayfpv yeti.

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