Toray T700 Quick-Release Arm and Main Chassis Plate Upgrade 15/08/2018

Yeti 5, 6 and 7"

4/18/2019 | David Jones

After much feedback from you guys, our community of pilots, we decided to do a redesign on both the Yeti arm and the main chassis plate. Loads of guys wanted the same quick release option as seen on its skinnier brother Lycan. 

We went ahead did the rework to incorporate the quick-release functionality and at the same time we upgraded to a much, much stronger grade of carbon for the arms. We chose Toray T700 carbon for the arms and finished the arms off with a very subtle chamfered edge, this is a small finishing detail but it works really well for the part. 

We have also incorporated zip-tie slots for the battery lead on the main base plate and added some new chamfering and counter-bored details in there too. The edges of the chassis where the battery runs over it, have now been chamfered smooth to prevent any fraying of the battery strap, we also added M2 counter-bore recesses for the smaller 20X20mm micro stack. Removing the battery pad material in this area to get to the bolts would have left us with almost no battery pad, well definitely not a single piece pad battery pad. We decided to counter-bore these smaller M2 bolt holes instead.    

After some rigorous testing we gave it the all clear. 

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