In the time of lockdown

Project Lockdown

4/14/2020 | David Jones

In South Africa we find ourselves in the midst of a 5 week long lockdown, with a further 2+ weeks to go if nothing else changes between then and now. With that in the back of my mind and the unbelievable call we have had from our community of pilots for some sort of nano quadcopter, I sat down to ponder the options we had available to us.  

With my ears still ringing with the phone calls from guys to make a tiny nano style quad, we were faced with 2 major hurdles. Firstly, prototyping something new at the moment is tricky as I prefer to get feedback from our team pilots and the community on new projects rather than just relying on my single, isolated perspective, which often overlooks things. Getting prototypes to team pilots is impossible at this stage and also leads into the second point.

Secondly, even if we had a ready to ship frame, getting it to guys at the moment is impossible as couriers are only allowed to move essential items like food and medicine, although I would disagree and say new quad stuff is without doubt an essential for us :)

So with that in mind and no real way of getting around that I though of creating a 100% printable frame. The vast majority of the RC/FPV community has a 3D printer or two laying around somewhere in the house.

If we as a community get a relaible, well performing and durable print file up and available we can get rid of the need for anything to be shipped. Testing can be done by the community, no shipping needed. 

Feedback from anyone flying it can then be used to fuel the next revision!

In summary

1. So, that is the plan! Get an awesomely performing printable frame up for free download to the FPV community.  

2. Guys, please leave comments below so we can keep all the ideas and info in one central place. 

3. I will also make a repository for all the print revisions and docs here.

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