Project Lockdown

4/18/2020 | David Jones

This will be a quick update.

Firstly Dale mentioned motors with plugs, which I completely forgot about as all the motors I have here don't have plugs. Secondly, Paulo asked for 20X20mm mounting holes. 

So I added a plug slot thingie, so we can now use motors with JST plugs and the like.

The motor plug can be fed though where the motor bolts to the frame, the wires fed inside the frame along the slot and then the plug can be fed inside the frame cavity through the plug head hole which now also doubles up as the access hole for the 20X20mm stack holes.

We have removed a 1.6mm wide slot of material in the lower arm region now, which I'm sure will affect the torsional and bending stiffness of the arms so I'm printing one out to compare to the previous revision. 

Here is the the the latest STL file, download now!

As always, stay safe and happy flying!

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