Project Lockdown

5/8/2020 | David Jones

We took some time to release this latest revision, as there have been so many design changes and revisions. This is without doubt the best revision so far. 

Some of the strain and crash test samples we did to get to this revision.

What we have now is a 99mm MTM frame capable of taking 3 and 4 (9mm) bolt pattern motors, AIO, 16X16 and 20X20mm boards. The frame itself weighs 9.8g. We do recommend printing from PETG or ABS, as PLA although it does take quite a beating the strength of ABS and the like is much, much better at taking impacts.

This is the REVISION 1.10, the slots down the underside of the arm and the rectangular holes towards the centre of the frame allow you to fit motors with JST1.25 connectors.

We also updated the airfoil leading edge section of the arm and blended that into the centre fuselage section. The blends between the motor cup and the arm itself have also been beefed up a bit just to ease any stress going through the arm. The outermost edge of the cup has also been given an extra layer of material as we did pick up som cracks in that area.

The mounting surface for all the FC's is completely flat, and the recesses on the underside of the arm allow for a snug and secure fit of the ESC and FC bolts.

We removed the centre "lunchbox" cavity and continued the arm through to the centre of the frame, this drastically improves the bending strength of the frame and prevents any abrupt changes in structure which cause fractures.

This frame is designed for a 0.4mm nozzle, so if you are printing with a 0.5mm nozzle set the line width down to 0.4mm. 

The print file is available here, REVISION 1.10

Please comment and leave any suggestions below, your feedback is used to make future improvements.

As always, be safe and happy flying!

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