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We are a product development company that doesn’t follow, we always choose to challenge the status quo and the comfortable way of thinking. We do this through sound, first principles engineering design, ruthless and unrelenting testing, and a continuous improvement stance to everything we do. We believe in pushing the envelope of what is traditionally thought possible, through our tradition of always seeking a better way forward.

We just so happen to absolutely love multi-rotors!

We don’t make multi-rotors for everyone, our designs are usually a little odd, unconventional, follow no trends and don’t conform..

We make multi-rotors for pilots who truly believe in what we believe!


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Why we called it Pango? Pango

The long of why we called it Pango and continue to support this cause

Pango the Beginning, the Testing Pango

The back story to how we developed and created Pango

REVISION 1.10 Project Lockdown

The latest and most refined revision of the print nugget we have done to date.

REVISION1.02 Project Lockdown

Added slots to add motors with plaugs and 20X20mm mounting stack holes

REVISION 1.01 Project Lockdown

Latest update on the printable nano frame

REVISION 1.00 Project Lockdown

After getting the basic goals for this project laid out, we started our first revision of Project Lockdown

In the time of lockdown Project Lockdown

A quick run down of what the plan is for a printable nano frame.

The SlateRS Story Slate RS

Our interpretation of what a true freestyle frame should be, built on the backbone of the very first frame we ever released.

Lycan Updates and Refinements Lycan ULTX 5.1"

The improvements made to Lycan since its release

The Lycan Story Lycan ULTX 5.1"

Devon, Jony and the illusive unicorn.


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If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or feedback, please let us know. We truly value the feedback we receive and us it all to improve and refine our products.